About Us

LineStriping.Com is a company that was created to provide Line Striping and parking lot maintenance on a national level. We have answered the demands of Business owners, management companies, and facilities people alike. The demand of having one trusted company at their fingertips who can service every location in their portfolios from coast to coast.

About our Team

LineStriping.Com is creating a staff made up of pure professionals who are company trained in our facility. Our employees are not only trained in line striping, but are also trained in safety, customer service, and quality control. Some of our employees have Osha 10, Osha 30, lift certifications, back round checks and other training necessary to work in any environments

We are trying to raise the bar when it comes to parking lot striping and parking garage striping by taking an entry level job and turning it into a career position. From the office staff to the shop guys we are making it possible to advance up the corporate ladder. A company is only as good as its employees and we are striving to have the best employees in the business. All of our employees will show up to your project in a vehicle and trailer clearly lettered with company logos, they will be dressed in a uniform made up of khaki pants or shorts, a company shirt and safety reflective vests. They will have a work order that has the scope of work clearly outlined by the sales person who interacted with the client. A few before and after pictures will be taken, and in some cases if required by certain customers a representative will have the chance to walk the project and issue a sign off on their satisfaction of the job performed.

Our personal guarantee

LineStriping.com is looking to create a portfolio of return customers who we can work with for life. The best reference we have found by being in business for over 20 years is by word of mouth from a happy customer. We will do anything possible to make sure our line striping, and parking lot maintenance customers are 100% satisfied with our company, or we will fix it NO QUESTIONS ASKED.