Rain Tax reduction

A stormwater fee ( AKA rain tax ) is a charge imposed on real estate and property owners for contribution of any pollution being sent into storm drains, and sewer systems from impervious surface runoff.

Rain Tax is a tax that is based on the total impervious area on your property, this includes concrete or asphalt driveways and roofs, that do not allow rain to infiltrate. The more area covered by impervious surfaces the more stormwater is generated and conveyed to the sewer system, so the higher the stormwater fee.

LineStriping.com can help reduce your cost forever with solutions that will pay for themselves over a short period of time . We can get you a monthly reduction in this tax by improving your properties infrastructure in a way that either reduces the quantity or helps improve the quality of stormwater running off of your property.

There are many ways LineStriping.com can help you reduce the rain tax on your property. While at the same time increasing your curb appeal and overall property value. We can have one of our knowledgable staff members create a custom plan for your property and calculate your savings to help you better understand why this ia a great solution for you. Some of the services we can provide are:

* Cleaning of oil spills and spilled engine fluids from your parking lot stalls and drive thru pads
* Installation of catch basins
* Installation of dry wells
* Reducing concrete and asphalt with pavers
* Installation of french drains
* Adding decorative green space